Sunday, November 4, at Peace Church

This is a fun outreach event and family dinner and everyone is welcome!

Sign up by clicking the button above and read below for further details.

Arrival: Please plan to drop off your crock-pot of chili between the times of 2:30-3:30. If you have condiments (such as green onions, sour cream, cheese, crackers...), please plan to bring it. We will have tables set up (with access to power strips) and will try to divide all by white, reds, and heat. Your chili will be issued a number and there will be a slip for you to fill out stating your chili name. Please be creative, but appropriate! This is one of the categories! You are welcome to decorate your table/space if you'd like.

The voters will each be given one slip with the below categories listed and a place for them to write in their vote (your chili number) beside each category:

Categories are:

Best Name
Best Use of Heat
Best Traditional Chili
Best White Chili
People's Choice

You do not have to bring more than a crock-pot full of your chili. We are planning to have small ladles to taste your chili—not to fill up on. The kids' bar will also be available. The voting will go until 5:30 with the winners being announced at 6:00 pm.