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    Peace Church Worship is called by God to magnify the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit by skillfully combining God’s Word with creative production, thereby motivating the gathered church to be disciples of Christ who proclaim the gospel, cherish God’s presence, and live for His glory.

    Our worship services are aimed at encouraging and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ to savor God and the gospel, solidify their knowledge of God and the gospel, and be sent out as disciples who make more disciples. We do this by “skillfully combining God’s Word with creative production.” Within the realm of creative production we have been given tools that, when used with skill and intentionality, can be powerfully used to provide an environment that facilitates the gathered worship of God’s people

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    Worship Team Auditions

    We’re so thankful for all that God is doing in and through our worship ministry here at Peace Church. We are excited to present the opportunity to partner with you to serve Jesus through worship music. We encourage you to read through the Worship Team Position Profile  and  A Vision for Worship and Production at Peace Church prior to auditioning.

    We are always accepting new members to the team who wish to serve by using and continuing to develop their existing musical talents. Along with musicianship, we are looking for a heart and stage presence that encourages the congregation to worship.

    Please read through the requirements below before registering to audition. After registering and selecting and audition time slot, you will be contacted via email with further instructions on how and what to prepare.

    Requirements to Audition:

    • Must attend and consider Peace Church as their “home church”
    • Must Commit to using technology to respond promptly to scheduling requests
    • Must be able to play to a click track (metronome)
    • If you are auditioning for supporting vocalist, you must be able to sing Harmony.
    • Must be willing to lay down musical preferences to serve the song arrangement