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Peace Kids Elementary is for any child in Young 5's - 3rd grade.


The check-in process begins prior to the start of service. The first time you come we will put your household information into our system. The system will print a child tag and a parent identification number that matches only your child(ren) to prevent any safety issues. Keep this parent tag safe because you will need it for pick-up. Before printing, make sure that your phone number is correct. This is how we will contact you during the service if there is an issue with your child.


Protecting the children in our care is our first priority. We ask that when you return to pick your child up you bring your parent tag to verify which child is yours. Only authorized parents, guardians, or approved adults are allowed to check children out. You must have your parent tag on your person at the time of pick up.


Our nursery is staffed by many different volunteers. Each one has gone through a training class and has had a background check to ensure that they are just right for caring for your children. We do not require parents to help in this program but we do encourage them to get involved in some way.


Located just off the Worship Center, you will also find a Family Room where parents who wish to worship with their child  (but wish to remove the disruption to those around them) are able to go if they choose. This room is also equipped with a nursing station for mothers who need to nurse their child.


We hope this information will ease your mind and help you feel welcome to place your child in the nursery. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Paula Averill the Peace Kids Programming Director.