Peace Church Weddings

Peace Church is happy to participate in instituting Christian marriages for believers in Jesus Christ. Marriage is a covenant, designed by God, and modeled after Christ and His relationship with His church. It is the lifelong and faithful union of one man and one woman before God. The purpose of a Christian marriage is to glorify God in reflecting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through the marriage relationship.

We take marriage seriously at Peace Church

Therefore, the requirements to be married by a Peace Church Pastor are as follows:

  1. Couples desiring to be married at Peace Church must be Christians. (2 Cor. 6:14)
  2. At least one individual must be a member of Peace Church.
  3. The couple must agree to remain sexually abstinent and live separately until marriage.
  4. The couple must participate in pre-marital counseling (3-5 sessions) with a Peace Church pastor. To allow time for this, wedding applications should be submitted at least 3 months in advance of the wedding date. 
  5. If one or both person(s) has been married before, their union must conform to the biblical teaching on divorce and remarriage. Peace Church holds to the biblical teachings that remarriage is only permissible following a divorce caused by adultery or abandonment by a nonbeliever (which includes abuse).
Wedding Application Process

The first step in the process is to fill out the wedding application. A Peace Church staff member will contact you following your application submission.

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Peace Church Wedding Application